Essentials of Public Service is a thoroughly modern and fresh take on today’s public administration. While reinforcing classic questions of service to citizens and the fundamental distinctiveness of the public service context, the authors also comprehensively explore new challenges in the public service, such as accountability in a digital age, coproduction, contracting, and effective performance management. What makes this text truly new is how well designed it is to teach public service. These two leading scholars write in a voice that really speaks to those in the field, with innovative and illustrative cases and multi-media examples from real public administrators. I have no doubt this book will be used in PA programs across the globe very soon - I am definitely adopting it.”

-- Jessica Sowa, University of Baltimore

“The authors have crafted a textbook that often reads like a novel. Weaving theory with practice throughout each chapter, Essentials of Public Service provides both the foundations students need to understand public and nonprofit administration while offering practical lessons for how to lead agencies in today's complex governance environment. I adopted a beta version of the text and my students were especially drawn to the case studies based on recent events, which really brought discussions to life. This new book does it all - and has the breadth and depth to engage public servants, nonprofit professionals, and future administrators alike.”

-- Samantha June Larson, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

“Finally, an introductory book that speaks directly to students as future leaders. Students will take this book to heart and use every lesson to increase their impact as public servants.” 

-- Paul Light, New York University

“My hat is off to Mary Guy and Todd Ely for writing this authentic, versatile, and resourceful introduction to Public Administration. This is the book I have been looking for all these years.”

-- David S. T. Matkin, University at Albany, SUNY

Essentials of Public Service is a wonderful addition to the field of Public Administration. Written in clear, concise language, the book covers the important Public Administration topics and debates. In short, this is a much-needed textbook. I look forward to using it in future introductory level courses.”

-- Domonic A. Bearfield, Texas A&M University

Essentials of Public Service is an invaluable textbook that teaches the public administration ropes in an engaging and instructive manner. Students will get a front-row seat to see how the public sector works. The authors deftly weave contemporary reality, historical context, and awareness of the enormous professional opportunities offered by public sector work.”

-- Leisha DeHart-Davis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill